Site and Rig Feasibility Analysis

The viability of a site is dependent on sufficient utility resources in the area. While power lines look the same, there are many different types and voltages across the country. Our engineering staff will review the specific site and contact the local utility to evaluate capacity and gather an installation cost. The report will include a determination of availability, project budget, timeline to completion and net operating cost impact for the wells. Additionally, integrating the rig must be considered. An initial review of the drilling rig electrical design is included to determine if any cost will be necessary for rig integration.

Electrical Installation

Efficient and skilled crews will ensure the power is available when the rig is ready for it. In addition to drilling rig installation, our services include low and medium voltage installation for production and auxiliary requirements at the site after drilling is complete. Our team can install the drilling rig electric service and any other auxiliary electrical requirements.

Rig Integration Services

Most drilling rigs are not created equal, but EDT makes integration safe and easy. A rig inspection is performed to determine the best place to locate the equipment and confirm that it will interface with our modular integration system. The result is a system that allows the rig to switch power sources from diesel to utility power and back if necessary without any electrical connections that might endanger the crew.

Equipment Rental

Drilling rigs have high demand and severe electrical operating conditions that require the most robust electrical systems. Additionally, utilities demand that the grid be protected from any distortion the rig might cause. Our Rig Power 4000 ensures that sufficient power and voltage are available for your rig. The equipment, switches, and cabling can be rented along with installation services on a daily rental rate.

EDT Services